Has everything that has, or will occur, already happened?  Imagine that we are standing together in an absolutely dark room.  We can see nothing.  A door is pushed open slightly allowing light in revealing a small table and chair.  Again the door is pushed further open resulting in our being able to see a couch and coffee table.  Finally the door is swung wide open making us aware of carpets, drapes, lamps and pictures.  They were there all along.  We only gradually became aware of their existence.

Some sub quantum physicists theorize that we choose our reality.  Like a menu in a restaurant, we, we select from many options.  Those choices, be they conscious or subconscious, become our reality.

The human body is fundamentally a hydro-electric plant, comprised of 75% water that is charged with light energy.  In his amazing two volume edition of Messages From Water, Masaru Emoto demonstrates through photography the dramatic power of music, prayer, and thought on the intricate and complex crystal structure of water.  Classical music, for instance, will create crystal structures of breathtaking beauty whereas hard Rock will produce twisted and ugly images from the same water. Similar dramatic effects are seen by simply expressing and saying words of love to the water.  More amazingly, beautiful patterns will result when words of kindness or love are written on paper and held up against the sample of water.  Perhaps, we do create reality by our choices!

To be continued….