Why don’t we see those definitive answers to prayer, those miracles performed like Jesus.  He said that if we had faith in him that we would do even greater things than He did (John 14:12).  When is the last time you saw someone raised from the dead in His name or a deformed, thalidomide baby grow new legs?  One commentator has confined those Bible promises discussed above as pertaining only to the preaching of the gospel to the world.  But that is not what they plainly say on their face.  We are on shifting sand if we have to start making excuses for non performance and so narrowly qualifying the promises so as to make them inapplicable to most situations.  There have been numerous prayer studies performed, largely by Christian doctors and universities, no doubt in hopes of proving that prayer is a powerful healer and that it does produce the results that the Bible suggests it should.  However, a  close and rigorous scrutiny shows the results to be soft, vaguely positive but unarguably not clear and decisive like the healings of Jesus.

Do we answer our own prayers?  Is the “belief” factor, that Jesus invariably commented on each time He performed a healing or a miracle, a crucial factor?  Author Gregg Braden, (The Isaiah Effect and The Divine Matrix) shows a video during his lectures of 3 non Christian healers in concert causing a large bladder cancer tumor to disappear in 3 minutes.  Their method is to simply recite that “the tumor is gone” while believing and feeling the end result.  They do such “miracles” on a regular basis.

To be continued….