In the hilarious and entertaining film, A Shot In The Dark, directed by Blake Edwards and starring Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau and George Sanders as Benjamin Ballon, there is a scene that demonstrates my feeling, all to often, regarding the God of my prayer life.  Inspector Clouseau, a buffoon, utterly destroys the magnificent pool table and cue sticks of Benjamin Ballon, as he stands by dispassionately observing, with the deadpan boredom of the ultra rich, Clouseau flailing about like the fool that he is.

This near total lack of any demonstrable response to my thousands of prayers, has been the greatest impediment to a happy and peaceful relationship with God.  In fact, it has been my greatest source of anger.  I cannot recall the countless times that I have quoted “God’s word” back to Him.  The Bible promises, ascribed to Jesus Himself, that I have read to Him straight from my King James Bible ; while near death and struggling for my own life, as well as the lives of others.  I recall all too vividly the many times I held my saintly mother’s hand and prayed for her while she lie dying in extraordinary pain.  Trying my best to pray sweetly and kindly, for her sake, while inside I screamed out in anger at God for His total lack of response.

What about all those Bible texts that encourage prayer and promise “miracles” that seldom, if ever, happen?  Were these the “words of God” or Jesus, or merely the Bible authors beliefs that surely God must be as generous and gracious as they hoped?  Let’s look at some of the “promises” and hold them up to the light of reality and actuality.

To be continued….