Have you been blindly praying for years without ever checking the results?  Is prayer’s value just cartharsis, talking it out?  Have we been sent into a war zone without any reliable communication with headquarters?  What is prayer?  What are the “response” expectations from God?  A personal appearance or audible voice reply?  What is the percentage of prayers actually answered in the affirmative, provable with solid evidence and not excused away with the lame “God sometimes answers yes, and sometimes no according to His will.”  This apologetic certainly lets God off the hook from having to stand behind the Bible promises that arguably appear to guarantee a 100% grant rate to things requested.

If the apologetic is true, then why pray at all?  God is going to do what He wants, when He wants.  Why frustrate one’s self by continuing to ask, only to be denied all, or a vast majority of the time.  My personal record of petitions answered in the affirmative throughout most of my adult life is about 1%.  As an example, everyone I have ever prayed for to recover from a serious illness has died.  Don’t ask me to pray for you, unless you’re looking for a way out of this world!!

Is Deism the only rational position for those desiring to believe in God?  A God who has wound up the watch, only to leave it to run down on its own.

To be continued…