When I was a kid growing up, hamsters were the “hot” pet to have.  Easy to take care of, low cost and they didn’t run away, although they thought they did.  Most hamster cages came with a big wheel inside that allowed the hamster to run furiously forward but go nowhere.  How many of us are human hamsters under the illusion that we are really going somewhere?

In today’s tough economy many people are working two or three jobs to make ends meet, not realizing that they have no more buying power than they did a few years ago while working only one job.  Dollar inflation and the rising cost of goods, keep them in the same financial situation no matter how hard they run.  “the harder they try, the behinder they get.”

Do you remember that guy or gal in high school or college that you were really crazy about, but despite all your advances, nifty little gifts and invitations to the movies, you never got anywhere.  Running hard on that wheel, but right where you started.

Have you ever been angry with God because your mother died way too young or you lost your son in a skiing accident?  How dare He tear these people out of your life and your love.  And to add insult to injury, there was no answer forthcoming to your questions about these tragedies no matter how much you yelled or plead.  The wheel spinning faster than it ever had, but you hadn’t moved an inch.

Do we get nowhere often because we are chasing the wrong things, playing the wrong game and are using the “wheel” as our method of forward motion?  Have we been misdirected by notions embedded in our culture and our psyche, like “idle hands are the devil’s workshop” or success equals money?  Do we need to dismount the wheel and instead board a canoe floating with the current down the river of life?  In so doing will we then realize peace and abundance beyond our imagination, all the while effortlessly arriving at our destination?