In the 1050’s, Yale University professor Harold Saxton Burr named the bioelectrical energy system the “electro-dynamic field.”  Based on over twenty years of experiments, he argued that illnesses, both psychological and physical, show up in the energy field long before they manifest as concrete pathologies.  Conversely, the physical disease could be treated by restoring balance to the energy system.  Degenerative diseases may be the result of energy blockages and loss of cooperation among the energy systems of the whole network of life.

Essentially, everything in the universe as we understand it is energy.  Every atom in the body vibrates at a certain energy level.  Collectively, each of us has a unique individual “energy signature.”  We are all electromagnetic entities.  Our soul has a field of a certain vibrational frequency.  When we consciously bring our minds and hearts to a similar vibration, so that they are functioning in the same vibrational range as our soul, then there is resonance between them, and reciprocal communication between their energies.  This allows healing to flow effortlessly through to the body.

Physicist Arthur Eddington observed: “the stuff of the world is mind stuff…The mind-stuff is not spread in space and time…Recognizing that the physical world is entirely abstract and without ‘actuality’ apart from its linkage to consciousness, we restore consciousness to the fundamental position.”  The reality picture of the soul becomes the reality picture of the body.

“I THINK, THEREFORE I AM”…Rene Descartes