David Fagerberg, a Catholic theologian at the University of Notre Dame, observes that, “The human being is microcosmic.”  Being a microcosm of God, he said, “does not mean a fraction of the whole, it means that everything in the whole can be found here in a smaller scale.”

Healing-mediated by consciousness, and activated by intention-occurs when the patient’s energy system is triggered to conform to the soul’s blueprint.

Nobel laureate Albert Szent-Gyorgi said, “Do we understand cancer?  No, nobody does.  Our real problem is not  what is cancer, but what is life?  We can’t understand cancer until we understand life, because cancer is just distorted life.”

Yale University researchers Anna Roe and her colleagues found that perception played a critical role in brain function.  She says that, “What is surprising about Szent-Gyorgi’s paper is that we found the cortical map reflects our perception, not the physical body. The brain is reflecting what we are feeling, even if that’s not what really happened.”  Roe sums it up like this, “We think we know what’s out there in the physical world, but it’s all interpreted by our brains.  Everything we sense is an illusion to a degree.”

A British researcher, Mae-Wan Ho, points out that the crystalline structure of cells within tissues, and of the arrangement of tissues within organs, has important consequences, as the structure resonates harmonically: “When the coherence builds to a certain level…the organism behaves as a single crystal.  A threshold is reached where all the atoms oscillate together in phase and send out a giant light track that is a million times stronger than that emitted by individual atoms.”

To be continued….