The following 3 part article is based upon excerpts and quotations from “Soul Medicine” by Norman Shealy, M.D., PH,D, and Dawson Church, PH.D.

The old view of genes-one that still dominates science and the media-is that genes determine physical characteristics. disease propensity, and many behaviors.  The new view, in the words of Karl Maret, M.D., is that “the genome is plastic and resembles constantly rewritten software code rather than being fixed hardware that you inherit at  birth.”

Experiments by Bruce Lipton, PH.D show that the activities of the mind affect body functions and changes in thinking and belief can have a direct effect on our cells.  “When someone has a sudden shift of belief,” he states, “it can radically change the epigenetics, which means that the same genetic code will now be interpreted completely differently-this could be the difference between cancer and remission.”

In the 1940’s, Carl Jung, the great Swiss psychiatrist, studied people around the world and reported that approximately 90 percent of individuals-in virtually all cultures-believe in (a) life after death (a soul), (b) a supreme being (God), and (c) the Golden Rule (treat your neighbor as yourself).

The soul may be thought of as a personalized expression of the universal field, as the divine aspect of a human being, or as personhood made manifest through pure consciousness, as opposed to physical or mental form.

To be continued….