I dare say most people, especially Christians, have ever given this question much serious thought.  They’ve  been taught since kindergarten that heaven is the divine Disneyland.

Hidden in the concept of “grace alone” may be an anti-peace virus.  Many Christians have never considered the spiritual and behavioral condition of those who got “saved” at the last minute or who have remained lifelong immature Christians; those who have never become sanctified or changed in their heart and minds, into the likeness of God.

Let’s suppose Stalin confessed his sins last minute and asked God for forgiveness.  Are you sure you want to live next door to this “unchanged” guy who murdered 20 million people?  What if it were Ted Bundy?  Would you want him leering out his window at your beautiful teenage daughter?  Or how about your neighbor on earth who would walk his dog over to your lawn so he could poop there.  Or worse yet…maybe your “ex” moving in right across the street!!

Then there are those more minor issues like “unsanctified” but “saved” people tearing chunks out of the streets of pure gold to make jewelry for themselves or never turning down their stereos at 10 PM because time is no more.

In the hoped for “kingdom to come” will there still be a caste system of sorts where the spiritually advanced live in communities apart from the still spiritually retarded?  Will the sanctified become the teachers to the slow of heart?