Big Brother and its Ministry Of Truth known to most as FOX, CNN, CBS, NBC and ABC are playing us like a fiddle.

Every four years we get two hand picked puppets to “choose” from for president, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.  The puppetmasters, the banksters and the major international corporations, own them both.  They make the same promises and never keep any of them.  They follow the same polices of more debt and war and tell the same lies.  And every election, the sheeple fall for the same “hope and change.”

We are told that Al Qaeda is bad in Iraq and Afghanistan, but good in Libya and Syria.  We were told that the mastermind for 9/11 was some bearded guy in a cave with a cell phone, when in fact it was an inside job to launch war in Iraq (remember those non-existent WMD’s) and destroy our God given rights embodied in the Constitution and Bill Of Rights, by passing the Patriot and the National Defense Authorization Acts.

We are told that there is global warming, when there hasn’t been any since 1997, all to sell us on a global tax to be paid directly to the banksters to fix it for us.  You think I’m kidding about the payment to the banksters, look on the back of your income tax checks paid to the US Treasury; they are endorsed over to the Federal Reserve, a gang of private criminal bankers.

We are told that the economy is good.  No mention, however, of the 30-40 trillion dollars in bailout funds given to the banks, big corporations and governments around the world.  No mention of the 50 trillion in Social Security and Medicare unfunded obligations, and the 1.5 quadrillion dollars in the derivatives debt now piled on the taxpayers backs.  No mention of the 1 trillion owed in student loan debt or the 10 million homes, either foreclosed on or that qualify for foreclosure, held in the “shadow inventory” of the banks.

Wake up America, you are being had…but good!  Don’t listen to the doublespeak and the lies, peace is not war and freedom is not slavery.