I was born and raised an only child and although married twice, have had no children of my own.  As the years have passed, I have often wished it were not so.

As I began to research the subject of quantum physics and investigated the holographic model of the universe, I came to realize that I may not be an only child at all…and in fact, never have been!

It appears that the ancient philosophers and mystics have been right all along.  We are all so interconnected, that we can’t be separate even if we want to.  We can only try, and in so doing make ourselves miserable and unhappy.

The very life force, the energy, the either that we are bathed in is shared by us all.  Our thoughts are downloaded from the same database.  We are out of the same cosmic womb.

For those who are “earthbound” in their thinking, biology dictates family, but it is not fundamentally so.  We are not physical beings with a spiritual component but rather spirit beings that have temporarily materialized.

It was announced to Jesus on one occasion, that his mother and brothers were at the back of a crowd to whom he was speaking.  They wanted an immediate audience with him.  His response came in the form of a provocative question.  “Who is my mother; who are my brothers?”  He answered it himself.  “They are those who do the will of my father who is in heaven.”  In so doing he clearly defined family, and all relationships, as spiritually based and not confined to biology.

My issue of being an only child no longer exists for me, but it has been replaced by another.  Where am I going to find a table long enough to seat everyone for Thanksgiving dinner?