It was the code of honor for The Three Musketeers as declared by Artagnon, but can it also describe the ultimate reality of the universe?

Holograms are created by commingling coherent light beams in a particular way onto a photographic plate so as to project a 3 dimensional image.  If a hologram is cut into pieces, each piece contains the entire image of the whole, making divisibility effectively impossible.

In 1982 a University of Paris research team headed by Alain Aspect discovered that sub atomic particles are able to instantaneously communicate with each other, whether the distance between them was twenty feet or a trillion miles.

Physicist David Bohm of the University of London, based on Aspect’s findings, theorized that solidity is an illusion (as atoms and subatomic particles are always in motion and consist mostly in empty space) and that the universe is a gigantic super hologram made up of subatomic particles that are not separate entities but extensions of the same thing, part of the whole.  It is for this reason that communication between the particles knows no time or space barriers.

Applying this model to the universe, separation on any level does not exist.  Life is a unified field.  Our perceived differences are a fiction and we are “all for one and one for all.”  Jesus said, “I and the Father (Creator) are one.”  Maybe he was onto something?!