Is this God’s bottom line in the Bible?  Does God violate His own 10 Commandments?  How is it that the 6th Commandment of God says, “thou shalt not kill” (murder) Ex 20:13, but it is OK for God to kill (sacrifice) His Son…or many of us in the end?  Does God destroy His enemies, while telling us to forgive and love ours? (Matt 5:44,45)  If the “wages of sin is death” (Rom 6:23) is to be understood to mean that God has determined a death penalty for the breaking of His law, in effect is He not saying then, “love me, obey me, or I’ll kill you.”

If the premise of “love Me or I’ll kill you ” is correct, then what is the effect of such a dictum on “free will”?  Does it not vitiate or effectively do away with free will?  Create a creature that will struggle with every fiber of its being for its last breath, then tell it that if you love, obey me, you will live, but break just one law, one time, steal a piece of chewing gum if you will, and you will die.  Free will and love are companion virtues.  If “love” is coerced to any degree, or arrived at through undue influence, there is no free will and therefore God cannot also claim that He is love.

If God’s law and His word never change, “for I am the Lord and I change not” (Mal 3:6) and He has said that if a man sins the punishment is death, then how is it that He can break His word and mysteriously transfer that penalty to His Son?  If God is a creator God, a God of life, then why all the preoccupation in the Old  Testament with sacrifice and death?  Which Lord is the lord of death and darkness?  Would any parent kill their child for being disobedient?  Would God, who is allegely so  much more loving, do it?  If God says, “love Me, obey Me, or I’ll kill you,” then how is He any different from many of us?

And lastly, if God kills, quotes Scripture, blesses His “chosen,” performs miracles, foretells the future and demands worship, how can you tell him from Satan, who does all the same things, and whom Paul says appears as an “angel of light”?