In the beginning when all was love, war was not a word.  It wasn’t even an idea.  It didn’t exist, nor could it.

In the land of love, there is no ego, no self, no greed, no deception, no lies, no hatred, no anger.  War does not exist, nor could it.

Where there is love there is life.  Life longs for love in its heart.  Its greatest enemy is the lack of love.  In the end it cannot live without it.

Where there is no love there is only ego and self.  They are the beginnings of war.  It is the unholy ground where love becomes lust, light becomes darkness and kindness becomes killing fields.  It is where right and reason are dethroned and death becomes the mindless master of all mankind.

Is there any hope for the wayward heart?  Can it ever find love again?  Will war cease to be as though it never was?

The answer lies with me, the initiative is mine.  Let me start with “I love you my brother,” “I love you my sister” and the answer will be known in time.