A magician’s stock in trade is convincing his audience that illusion is reality.  Like David Copperfield making a commercial jet aircraft or the Stature of Liberty disappear.  The motion picture the Matrix deals with a simulated “reality” used to control the population, a euphemism for deception.

In November of 2012 the people of the United States will be “electing” a president to rule the nation.  Instead of their choice being merely illusory, a selection between one of two carbon copies, imagine the choice being truly substantive.  A clear choice between good and evil.  One candidate representing liberty and equality, the other, tyranny and injustice.

How could the latter possibly compete?  One way would be to impersonate his opponent , convincing the voters that his own qualities were in fact those of his opponent, thus causing them to defect.  He might then also appear in his own name to embrace liberty and freedom, thus drawing his opponent’s defectors to himself.

So who is the Old Testament God so violent and bloody?  Have the Old Testament authors at times been deceived by an imposter, or did they just have an abysmal understanding of God? Did they create a God in their own image?

Who has ingeniously deceived most of the religious world including Christianity?  Whose greatest illusion has it been to superimpose his face over the face of the Creator God, so that when people think they are seeing God, they are in fact seeing him, thus driving humanity away from any interest in their Creator?

Could it be Lucifer the light bearer, now become Satan the adversary, who seeks to destroy the planet and spill the blood of every single inhabitant on earth in an orgy of mass sacrifice to himself?

“By their fruits you shall know them”