In 1902 Auguste Rodin created the now famous sculpture of “The Thinker” with his chin resting upon the back of his right hand in deep thought.  The activity represented by the sculpture unfortunately is rare today.  There is evidence to suggest that its absence is not without dark design by social engineers of this world.  The title of a powerhouse research volume on the subject written by Charlotte Iserbyt, says it all; “The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America.”

When I was a young student in the 1940’s and ’50’s, I was quick to observe that asking too many questions and thinking for myself was not popular with most teachers, and if persisted in, could result in lower grades.  Thinkers were “troublemakers” where obedience, silence and regurgitation ruled the day.

Government is authoritative by nature and at its core detests those who question authority.  Government’s ideal model today would be North Korea.  The educational techniques of it “takes a village” and “groupthink” in schools has had a tremendous impact on independent and original thought.  With the explosion of technological devices such as laptops, cell phones, IPads, IPhones and the like, the capture, occupation and takedown of the human mind is near total and complete.  Save few exceptions, the more recent generations, although unawares, are virtual mind control subjects.

Another enemy of intentional, focused, and creative thought is the universal phenomenon of “mind chatter” or “inner dialog.”  It not only recycles perpetual error and useless trivia, it vehemently resists control and removal.  Oh, if only we could hit the “delete” button, and consign it permanently to the trash can!!

Where do thoughts come from?  What is their origin?

To Be Continued….