Everything begins with a thought.  Jesus said, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”  The Kogi of northern Columbia, a surviving civilization from the world of the Aztecs and Incas say that “without thought, nothing can exist.”

Experiments within the community of sub quantum physics strongly suggest that thoughts can communicate instantaneously beyond the constraints of space and time.  Many disciples of metaphysics believe that trends and behavior in society can be altered by intentional thought which is exponentially empowered by the greater number of participants.

If it is true that society at large can be modified by intentional thought alone, what could we reasonably expect on a personal basis through the application of intentional thought power?

Can we think our way to fame and fortune?  Can we think away disease?  Can we truly think our future into existence?  If so, where is the preponderance of the evidence to support these beliefs, rather than the isolated “success” stories from the authors, speakers and merchants who promote the ideas.

What of the vast failure, in the real lives of the common man, to realize the promised spectacular results?

To Be Continued….