Many atheists are self deluded.  They imagine themselves so intellectually superior compared to their God believing brothers.  They write books and give lectures to convince the unenlightened that there is no God.  Their arrogance would be amusing if it weren’t so pathetic.

Their religion, and that is what it surely is, is purely faith based.  It is as faith based as that of little children who believe in Santa Claus and the  Easter Bunny.  They cannot prove that God does not exist, anymore than a believer can prove that he does.

As a former trial lawyer, I challenge any atheist to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that God does not exist.  On second thought that standard would be admittedly difficult, so let’s lower the bar to proof “by a preponderance of the evidence.”  I don’t want to hear the tired old retort that you can’t prove a negative.  It’s your positive assertion that God doesn’t exist, so the burden is on you to make your case.

Common sense alone will determine the outcome.  Even with a 200 IQ your logic and reason will fail to meet the standard of proof.  The matter is beyond human definition and understanding.  You will never talk or bully believers out of their faith with another faith based belief of your own.

Accept your dose of humility along with your “believing” brothers and sisters and climb into the “faith boat” as we all row together down the mysterious river of life.