Mr. Pressman continues.  “It is now clear that the body needs no ‘help’ of the sort provided by immunization; that antibodies in the blood stream are not required to protect the body; and that immunization can cause immune suppression, permanent nervous system damage, and growth stunting.  There is also strong evidence that immunization can actually cause the diseases it was meant to prevent.  This view has gained support from the writing of a report commissioned by the Canadian International Development Agency from Dr. Raymond Obomsawin in 1992.

In his detailed report, Dr. Obomsawin found that the idea of induced immunity was an illusion founded on: (a) discredited scientific theories, (b) the refusal to examine contrary data, (c) the lack of proper followup assessment of immunized children, and (d) poor statistical methods.

The positive impact of immunization on public health has never, repeat never, been substantiated in any unbiased study.  Immunized people have repeatedly fallen ill to the disease they were vaccinated against, and epidemics are statistically more numerous in more widely vaccinated groups (studies in Gambia, Brazil and Taiwan.”

Big Pharma, worldwide, arguably generates more revenue, and certainly more profit, than any other industry.  According to the research firm Kalorama Information, vaccine sales will double from 19 billion in 2012 to 39 billion in 2013.  That’s 5 times the 8 billion from 2004.

If it’s optimum personal health that you desire, it is not to be found through the point of a needle or in the contents of a syringe, but through a body in balance.  It seems that Hannah Allen’s book title is the best advice…”Don’t Get Stuck.”