“Dr. Hamer started including psychotherapy as an important part of the healing process and found that when the specific conflict was resolved, the cancer immediately stopped growing at the cellular level.  The dark spot in the brain started to disappear.  X-Rays of the brain now showed a healing edema around the damaged emotional centre as the brain tissue began to repair the afflicted point.  There was once again normal communication between brain and body.  A similar healing edema could also be seen around the now inactive cancer tissue.  Eventually, the cancer would become encapsulated, discharged or dealt with by the natural action of the body.  Diseased tissue would disappear and normal tissue would then again appear.

Recent research in Germany, Austria, France, the USA and Denmark has confirmed Dr. Hamer’s findings; that emotional conflicts create cancer, and solving the conflicts in question stops the cancer growth.

Dr. Hamer is now co-operating with 100 French doctors who have formed an organization to work with his theory, and they are finding the same correlation between emotional conflict, brain function and cellular changes in the corresponding organs.  These doctors are using psychotherapy as a major part of the healing process, and they claim a remission rate of 97%.

This is amazing and astounding information about the power of the mind and emotions on our physical health.  You sure won’t hear about it at the next AMA convention or reported on by CNN or FOX etc.  It is the oncology departments of the major hospitals worldwide, and their cut, poison and burn therapies that sustain them.  Why would they want to put themselves our of a job, especially in this economy!

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and not physical beings with a spiritual dimension.  Once we understand this, we can move beyond the limitations of the flesh, not only in the healing process, but in the maintaining of health, and the prevention of disease.