Dr. Theodore Baroody, ND,DC,PhD,CNC, in his book “Alkalize Or Die” has the following to say regarding our state of mind on our health.  “All emotions, thoughts and feelings of whatever kind are felt in the physical body.  Those which are inharmonious produce acid reactions.  Consequently the degree of acidity produced is directly proportional to these counterproductive energies.”

“Inharmonious states produce a destabilization within the cellular structure and the acid level is increased many fold.  Further this acidic byproduct is formed instantly all over the body.

“As a measure of just how destructive these acid feelings can become, take the example of eating refined, white, cane sugar.  Even a very small amount can have a pronounced effect on the body having formed a highly acidic residue in the system.  A few granules placed on the tongue can create muscle weakness throughout the entire body.  In short, refined, white sugar is one of the most damaging substances for consumption.”

“Now if we take this example and equate it to the intensity of feelings, we see a startling comparison.  If mildly stressed, it is the same as pouring 1/8 cup of white sugar down the throat at one time.  If moderately stressed; 2/3 cup; if severely stressed, 1 1/2 cups.  From this it is seen that irrational, emotional stresses of any kind, produce a direct geometric destruction.”

To be continued…