There are basically only two things happening in the universe: love and sin, other-centeredness and self-centeredness.  This is no oversimplification.  It is the absolute, inescapable truth.  Love is the permanent, changeless law of life for the universe.  It’s not going anywhere, not running out, not diminishing or passing away.  For all eternal ages past, love was the solitary, pervasive reality of the immortal life of God Himself.

Sin, on the other hand, is an aberration, a perversion, a transitory intruder sucking  in one breath of stolen air, rearing its ugly head in the midst of God’s natural order, and then passing away into eternal night.  Because sin is essentially anti-love, it is, by extension, an anti-creational force as well.  It is a chaos-producing, entropy-prompting, death-dealing power, winding down to an infinite nil, a lifeless nothing, to be as though it had not been, because, in fact, its life was never viable.

Sin cannot sustain itself or its victims, because sin divides all its participants into one individualistic I after another, demanding that each one live only for the self with no primary regard for the others.  The eventual net outcome is isolation of the self from all others by means of selfish deeds-greed, dishonesty, hate, manipulation, jealousy, lust, murder and the like.

Self-centeredness is the common denominator of all sin, for sin takes and consumes without giving in return.  Its very nature is to violate the only life-giving, life-sustaining law there is, God’s law of love,  Therefore, sin pursues death as its final end.  “Sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death.” (James 1:15)

“An Endless Falling In Love” by Ty Gibson