A review of the Old Testament makes it clear what the ancient Hebrew writers believed about the state of the dead.  “The dead know nothing.”  “In the day that a man dies his thoughts perish.” Alternately the New Testament teaches through the persons of Jesus and Paul that there is to be a resurrection of the dead at the Second Coming of Jesus.  If mortals have merely crossed over to “the other side” and are living in a conscious bliss state, what need of a resurrection from the dead?

Is the promotion of the idea of unconditional immortality a deception?  Does sin indeed cause death (absence of consciousness) as God through Eve declared in the first few chapters of Genesis?  Do the Devil and his evil spirits, masquerading as spirit guides, ascended masters and the dearly departed have an ancient agenda to promote…that sin has no eternal consequence?  It seems like a slick strategy by the Devil which fundamentally eliminates the need for a Savior.  Sin doesn’t  cause death, hence no need of a Savior.  In one fell swoop the Devil dispenses with his nemesis, Jesus Christ, and establishes himself, once again, as Lucifer, the light bearer, who has exposed the lies of God and his son Jesus.

Often the “proof” that is offered to validate the “spirits” that appear as truly being genuine, truly being one’s late mother, father or aunt Betty is the fact that they know personal and private things that only the dearly departed would know.  Presumably the evil spirits do their homework and have vast files on all of us.  If the NSA does, why not the DSA, (demonic spy agency)?