I will never forget the cry of a “street preacher” standing outside the Los Angeles Athletic Club, as his message echoed down through the canyons of glass and steel.  “Devil’s a liar!”  He would repeat it over and over at the top of his lungs.  You could hear him blocks away.  Passers by thought he was crazy.

It seems we are inundated these days with TV shows like Ghost Whisperer or Medium; movies like Hereafter or What Dreams May Come; and books like Life After Life or Talking To The Dead, that proclaim what the Devil said in Eden is true.  The voices from “the other side” of the dearly departed go unchallenged today and their proclamations are accepted mindlessly as truth.

In the very first verses of the Bible, in the book of Genesis, we find the Serpent, generally understood to represent the Devil, as suggesting that God is a liar.  When Eve states that God has said that sin results in death, the Serpent smoothly intones, “you shall not surely die!”  Thus the very first confrontation on record between God and the Devil is over the issue of the unconditional immortality of the soul.  It must be important!

To be continued…