From the world of sub quantum physics comes the theory that we are all vibratory energy beings, light waves appearing in the form of matter.  Our eyes receive these vibrations much like a camera lens which the brain then converts into the forms land images that we “see.”

This “reality” could provide the basis for the coexistence of other unseen life forms on our planet.  Beings of another vibratory frequency sharing space much like different frequencies on a radio bandwidth or TV fiber optic cable.  Turn the dial, change the channel to a new frequency (station) and you immediately  enter another dimension, a different reality.  One instant you are at the football game, the next, the opera.

In 1943 the US Navy allegedly conducted a secret experiment in invisibility, known as the Philadelphia Experiment, in which the energy field around the USS Eldridge, docked in the Philadelphia Naval yard, was altered causing it to completely vanish.  When the field was reversed, the ship reappeared with personnel on board reporting seeing “aliens” while others were embedded in the steel structure of the ship.  During its absence the ship was observed in Norfolk, Virginia having been teleported some 200 miles away.

Astrophysicists debate the number of dimensions that exist beyond the four, including time, that we experience daily.  String theorists calculate as many as ten, while other scientists conjecture as many as thirteen.  What ever the number, possibly infinite, there are enough to allow for “neighbors” we have never met.

Ancient literature and cave drawings depict “visitors” from beyond, but perhaps they have been here all along.  The Bible is rife with stories of beings, angels, that appear out of nowhere.  Jesus would appear in the middle of an occupied room, conduct a conversation, allow himself to be touched physically and then mysteriously vanish.  What laws of physics was he employing?  Can we do the same?

The next time you send out invitations in your neighborhood for a “block party” you might want to consider expanding your guest list!