With lightening speed he unholstered his gun and unloaded six shots directly into the stranger’s body.  The stranger fell backward but appeared to be alive, so the dark figure emptied six more shots into him from the other revolver until the stranger lie motionless.

Having heard the gunfire, a few townspeople ventured out to see what had happened.  The dark figure was towering over the stranger and studying him intently.  Now satisfied that he was dead, he holstered his guns and turned to walk back to the saloon.  He had taken no more than a few steps, when he heard some rustling behind him.  As he turned around, he became visibly pale and shaken, for the stranger was standing, fully alive, and facing him.

The stranger never said a word but kept staring directly into his adversary’s eyes.  The dark figure began backing up and as he did, he stumbled and fell.  He quickly got up and took a few more steps backward, then fell again.  Seized by utter terror and fear he staggered to his feet a third time and began to run until he disappeared out of sight.

The townspeople emerged out of nowhere and soon filled the main street.  They surrounded the stranger and began thanking him and trying to touch him and hug him.  There were tears of joy all around from the people that soon broke into dancing and celebration at their restored freedom and liberty.  It was a celebration that continued far into the night.

“No weapon formed against me will prevail”