A hot wind was blowing.  A single tumbleweed bounced across the near deserted main street.  Town folk mostly stayed in these days, fearing to go out.  It was like a prison without bars.

The double doors of the saloon pushed cautiously open.  A very ominous dark figure, moving slowly like a cat, emerged.  He was like Jack Palance in the film “Shane.”  On each hip he wore a Colt 45 pearl handled revolver.  He stood on the steps of the saloon for some time scanning the street like he was expecting someone.

Just outside the town limits through the haze and dust could be seen a solitary figure approaching.  No one had ever seen him before.  He was ordinary looking and unassuming.  His walk slow, but certain.  His eyes fixed on the tall dark figure who had now moved to the middle of the street and was facing him down.  When the stranger was about 10 yards away, he stopped and spoke very quietly but firmly.  “Let my people go, this town belongs to them not you.”  “Who’s going to make me, you don’t even have a gun?”  The stranger replied, “I don’t need one, there’s no stopping a man in the right who keeps on coming!”

With that the stranger confidently stepped forward and headed for the dark figure who had his right hand on one of the 45’s.  “Just one more step and I’ll gun you down,” he coldly warned.  But the stranger didn’t hesitate and was now only a few steps away.

To be continued….