I seem to remember my Dad first contributing the expression “dog eat dog” to my young vocabulary in the context of the predatory business world.  It was given a more horrible dimension while viewing a nature film at my parochial elementary school auditorium.  We weren’t allowed to view anything that contained sexual content, even kissing, but a Frank Buck’s “Bring Them Back Alive” featuring a boa constrictor graphically swallowing whole a live pig, got a moral seal of approval.  I was revolted then, and I still am, 65 years later.

Many of today’s nature films still revel in the blood and gore of the Frank Buck era, perhaps justifying the wanton and cruel cinematic carnage of several lions tearing apart some hapless wildebeest, as a mere reflection of God’s natural order.  But is it?

How could a Creator God author such beautiful and wondrous creatures only to infect their design with such anti-life, destructive programming.  It is totally illogical.  The reasonable man test declares that life and death are not companions.

Is there any explanation?  Possibly.  Since the fall of man, we humans, on a sub quantum, vibratory level have infused our “dog eat dog” nature into the animal kingdom.  They, lacking will power or freedom of choice to control these ugly and destructive tendencies that now inhabit their DNA, have been perfected into merciless killing machines.  They have become the ultimate Self, a mirror into the dark side of our own hearts.